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South Asia Engineering (SAE) Company (P.) Ltd.  is an Engineering Consulting Company established in  June, 2012 AD under the Nepalese Company Act, 2063. We are situated at Forth (4th) floor of Trade Tower Nepal Building located at Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal. The Company is providing engineering services for the feasibility study of various projects including development, construction and operation of power projects. Power generation, transmis...

Hacked by B1dar4

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Hacked by B1dar4


Electricity Generation

Power Generation System:
Hydro (water current flown in the river) generates power by harnessing the power of moving or falling water to produce mechanical/electrical energy. Hydro generates electricity full .....

Electricity Distribution

Power Distribution:
The electric power distribution networks are regional grids that branch from the national grids to deliver power to industrial, commercial and domestic users.  The distribution chann.....